Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

This Friday was the Aaronic priesthood campout. John and the boys went and has a good time, though it rained continuously and the winds were very high. Reports are that the two boys took down a year's supply of marshmallows.

Johnny, The boys' buddy Jacob and Matthew at the campout.

On Sunday, John and the kids cooked crepes stuffed with cheese and topped with blueberry sauce for breakfast. He got the recipe from Tyler Florence on Food Network.

Blueberry Blintzes- Crepes stuffed with cheese filling with homemade blueberry sauce.

After breakfast we went to church together and enjoyed a great day there. John's morning meetings were cancelled, Huzzah!

For dinner, my little chefs prepared ribs and scallops with orange cream sauce. This recipe, also by Tyler Florence, is prepared for me every year because is my favorite!

These ribs fell right off of the bone and were delicious.

They are served along side of these scallops. Together, they make a nice surf and terf meal.

Desert was lemon meringue pie. This was John'r first attempt at this desert. It tasted good anyway. The filling did not solidify and so we wound up eating a nice lemony pie soup.

Lemon Meringue Soup

John and the kids bought me clothes also, which I needed. It was a nice mother's day.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Alive

It's official, we are now the blogging version of that guy who has his Christmas lights still up in April. Contrary to what you might think, we are doing quite well. Being busy and lazy is not a goodcombo.

Some highlights:

  • I am still employed! This is a big deal, because my company has had to lay off a few hundred of my colleagues. Things are starting to look up and we should be out of danger. This dow turn has really made us realize the blessings we have been given and the fragility of earthly comforts. I think we now trust in our Savior more than ever and we're more prepared for whatever challenges may come our way.
  • We recently (February), went to the Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Summer sports are starting up and Sarah has her band and orchestra concerts coming up.
  • Kerri and I took a nice trip to a Bed and Breakfast for our 12th anniversary in March.
  • Sarah is preparing to graduate primary and Matthew is preparing for baptism.
    • Johnny and Hannah will start preschool next year.
  • Hannah is about 80% potty trained and Kerri and I have made a vow to purchase no more diapers regardless of how many 'accidents' occur.
  • We are planning a Summer road trip to Nauvoo, Il; Chicago and Palmyra, NY.
  • We finally replaced our camera.
    • Kerri is still working with the Young Women and trying to motivate them while maintaining her sanity.

    • We still love our branch family and hope to be able to stay here for many more years.
    • Some Pictures, to prove that we are indeed still alive:

    The kids at Great Wolf Lodge in February

    Hannah's Birthday (February 22)

    Recent trip with friends to the Toledo Zoo

    Pictures from Easter

    Ice Cream Animals

    Fremont storybook festival. Sarah made the Curious George display with help. This was a girl scout project.

    Sorry for our laziness in posting.


    The Scherers

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Merry Christmas


    Hopefully everyone reading this has received our Christmas cards by now. If not you should soon, but let us know if you don't. We made a bunch and we can guarantee that we meant to send one to you.


    Every year we get wonderful letters from several families that we know detailing their years and what is new with them. We love receiving these and reacquainting ourselves with old friends. We always wanted to return the favor: but again, organization is lacking. Therefore, we've decided to make an electronic version of our yearly family letter. Here we go.

    We are enjoying life in Ohio. We really feel that it has finally become home for us this year. We continue to serve our branch to the best of our ability and have been blessed to see that Heavenly Father has great plans, even for Podunk little places like Fremont Ohio. We hope to stay here for many years and watch this branch become a ward. On a sadder note, we lost John's father this year after a months long fight with lung disease. 'Grandpa' Bill Scherer died September 30 2008. We will miss his in our family here on earth, but look forward to a joyous reunion in the hereafter. Christmas morning will never be quite the same without Grandpa waking the kids up at ungodly hours, excited to experience another Christmas morning with them.


    Hannah turned two years old on February 22, 2008. At present, she has begun potty training. When completed, this will be a major milestone in our family- No More Diapers!! Hannah Makes us laugh all of the time. She is the consummate girly-girl. She loves to dress up and play with Baby Dolls and the like. However, if one of her brothers were to cross her and say, take her baby doll? POW. That's right, our little girl turns into a vicious attack dog. The boys have learned to keep to her good side.
    Wants for Christmas- A doll House.

    Most memorable quote: "Mean Mommy, stupid dad"- quoted after being placed on time out during the summer.


    "Right back atcha, babe"

    Johnny Johnny Johnny. Where do we even begin. Johnny turned four on September 5, 2008. This is Johnny's last year at home all day before starting preschool next year. Johnny is still our comedian. We love to watch him attempt to talk his way out of the situations he gets himself in. Johnny played soccer at the community center this year. Well, "played" is a loose term. He mostly danced with his good buddy Jackson and occasionally critiqued the performance of his team mates while they actually played. He once told a teammate, who was covered in sweat, "You should have tried harder" after the other team scored a goal. Mind you, Johnny watched the kid score and did not bother even moving to try and stop him. Sports may not be his thing after all. However, we are very proud of his wit and we pray constantly that he'll use his powers of comedy and persuasion for good.

    Wants for Christmas: A remote controlled motorcycle.- No trouble making can occur with that, right?

    Most Memorable Quote: <While seated next to his father on the stand during sacrament meeting>. "Dad, Jesus isn't always nice. He created all of the animals and bears are animals. Bears are evil. THEY EAT HUMANS!" - John and the Branch President had trouble containing their laughter during some poor soul's testimony.

    Second Memorable Quote: <To Kerri, who jokingly mentioned starting her own business some day> "I know what you should name your store:..........GROUUUUCH!!!!"

    Conspicuously Absent from Photo Above: Santa Clause, Don't ask.


    Our Matthew turned 7 years old on December 2, 2008 and only has one more year before accountability sets in. Matthew loves sports. He has played T-ball, soccer and wrestling at different times during the last year. He has quite a sense humor, but is a teacher's pet at school. Matt has been given an inner drive to do everything he does well. He works very hard in school, sports and at home. We have no idea where this boy came from! He has learned quite a few moves at wrestling that he likes to take out on Dad. Above all, Matthew has a good heart. He is a bona-fide Momma's boy who loves to stand up for his mommy, which usually involves beating up dad.

    Wants for Christmas: A game boy and a pool table.

    Most Memorable Quote: "Dad, do you think Mom might be a little.....crazy?"

    Other Memorable Quote: "When I have my own wife and kids, can we come over your house and eat dinner sometimes?"


    Sarah turned 11 years old on August 13, 2008. She is still a sweetheart, though the preteen girl attitude comes through now and again. She has worked really hard developing musical skills. She plays the violin and the clarinet. She had gotten quite good at the Violin and has played at church a few times. She just started Clarinet this year and just had her first band concert. She is in her sixth grade year at school and she does well. She has always been mindful of those around her who might need a little extra attention. She has several widows at church that she loves to catch up with each week and sit with during sacrament meeting at times. She is a good big sister and is usually patient with Hannah and the boys. She will enter middle school and Young Women's in 2009. This is very scary to her parents. We believe that Sarah will do allot of good in the world during her life.

    Wants for Christmas: "Twilight" books, a Go Phone, Guitar Hero

    Memorable Quote: <Written to a boy classmate who 'asked her out' on a date> "Thanks for asking, but you'll have to ask again in six years."

    Kerri went back to work this year for a short time. This was short lived however, as she realized that neither she or the kids were ready for this. Right now, she is cherishing her time with the kids while they are still little. She is serving as the Young Women's President at church and loves her calling, though she does worry about the girls a little too much sometimes.

    John is still driving one hour each way to work, but he loves his job. John has traveled for work this past year to Toulouse France and Seattle Washington. He is serving as second counselor in the branch presidency. This presidency is now well into it's third year and the branch is doing well. John has coached T-ball and soccer in 2008 and plans to continue coaching in 2009. John is still running regularly, though he says his diet needs improvement after New Year. John's excited that Penn State is in the Rose Bowl this year and is having a party on New Years day to make sure that his Buckeye fan friends get to experience Penn State's moment of triumph.
    We love all of you and hope that you are doing well. Merry Christmas and Have a Happy and successful 2009.

    Monday, July 28, 2008


    Sarah has been at the violing for about a year and a half now. She is developing quite well. She does private lessons and there is a pre-orchestra program that starts in 5th grade at her shool. We are proud of her for sticking with it and working hard. This past week her teacher has allowed her to start playing from the Children's Songbook. Se played during the rpimary program last year and she hopes to be allowe dto provide accompaniment on accasion during sharing time within the next few months. A video is below(Cut short and with bonus feature of Johnny's head!!) We really need a new camera!

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Cedar Point

    One of the greatest things about where we live is that we're only 30 minutes from Cedar Point. Cedar Point is commonly refered to as America's best amusement park and it's easy to see why. There are tons of roller coasters that are dizzying to look at. The downside is that there aren't as many rides for the little ones and Johnny and Hannah don't like to wait while bigger kids go on their rides. However, we always manage a full day whenever we go. A picture from our latest trip is below. As you'll see in the picture, John has recently turned into a statuesque beagle.

    This picture was done with a cell phone and in the rain, so don't mind the lack of resolution.

    "Wildlife Photography", or "Why John is going gray at such a young age."

    Sorry for the grainy picture. Our camera broke and we are down to our cell phone until we replace it.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008


    Hi Elder y Hermana Neeley (And anyone else who hasn't given up on us ever blogging again :) ), Pictures of us are below, in no particular order. Thanks for writing back; we miss you guys.
    The Scherers
    Matthew is going into first grade in the fall. He recently completed his T-ball season at the YMCA and has learned to ride a two weeler without training wheels. Matthew is interested in most sports and has enjoyed camping alot this year. He'll be seven this Winter and is already excited about baptism the year after.

    John has dropped seventy pounds since last October. Besides that, not much has changed with him.

    Kerri has been enjoying the summer with the kids, going to the beech , pool,etc. She is thinking about trying to find a pre-school teaching job in the fall. One where she can maybe take Johnny and Hannah with her. Also, we're working on painting the kitchen. We are traveling home to see family in August.
    Sarah is getting ready to start the sixth grade and is scaring us with how mature she's getting. She just got her braces in this week. She is still working hard on the violin and is getting quite good. She's now working on learning songs from the Children's Songbook for primary. She loves music and is also going to take Clarinet for the band in the Fall.

    As you can see above, Johnny is still our comedian. He will start preschool in the fall and he's very excited about that fact. He and Jackson are in sunbeams with Sister W. right now; quite a duo those two are. Johnny recently volunteered to go to Outer Darkness during a sharing time activity- that's my boy! He still remebers his nursery days with Sister Neeley well. He turns four on September 5.
    Hannah is growing bigger every day. She now has a motor mouth and a love of changing clothes. She is quite a Tom boy on the other hand, I don't know that she has a choice with her brothers. She's still breaking her glasses regularly, much to our disdain. She loves nursery with Sister Jiskra.

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Worst. Blogger. Ever

    It's been a while and we have no excuses. We will post more soon, we promise. :) Anyway, here are some highlights of the past few months until then.

    *The four kids are growing like weeds. Sarah started 5th grade and Matthew started Kindergarten.
    *Sarah played the violin during a special musical number at church and did great!!! She is preparing at school for middle school orchestra which will begin next year.
    *Johnny still is not potty trained. He only goes when he wants a piece of candy. (So much for positive reinforcement). No clue on how long he will wear diapers solely to torment his parents.
    *Hannah has broken so many pairs of glasses that our optometrist is working on building a monument in her honor. She has mastered her favorite phrases, "Help Me!" "Matthew!!" and "Up Please". Otherwise whe enjoys breathing and barking like a dog most of the time.
    *Matthew's fall soccer league (AKA the Bad News Penguins).
    *We made our first ever Thanksgiving dinner with guests who ate and everything!! There were no fires or instances of food poisoning. Yay!!!
    *John has lost 25 pounds in spite of said Thanksgiving dinner.
    *We bought our house and are really excited for our planned projects in the Spring.
    *We'll be in Pennsylvania from Dec. 21 until January something if anyone wants to get together. That is, if any of our friends still live there.