Monday, July 28, 2008


Sarah has been at the violing for about a year and a half now. She is developing quite well. She does private lessons and there is a pre-orchestra program that starts in 5th grade at her shool. We are proud of her for sticking with it and working hard. This past week her teacher has allowed her to start playing from the Children's Songbook. Se played during the rpimary program last year and she hopes to be allowe dto provide accompaniment on accasion during sharing time within the next few months. A video is below(Cut short and with bonus feature of Johnny's head!!) We really need a new camera!


DeAnna and Matthew said...

hey! does sarah have her own e-mail? I write back and forth with some of the girls from church... e-mail is it'd be easier prob then
oh and congrats for braces! I had them too!

Sara said...

Sarah that was very good! The violin is a VERY hard instrument to play and you are doing a great job! I know practicing isn't always fun, but keep it up. I can't wait to hear more violin solos from you! :)

~Sara Register

Anonymous said...

I found you!!!! great to talk to you the othere day, sorry about the kids needing me... that is summer for you!

talk to you soon

Melinda said...

Hey Sarah that sounds awesome! Keep up the good work! Bailey plays violin too!