Monday, July 28, 2008


Sarah has been at the violing for about a year and a half now. She is developing quite well. She does private lessons and there is a pre-orchestra program that starts in 5th grade at her shool. We are proud of her for sticking with it and working hard. This past week her teacher has allowed her to start playing from the Children's Songbook. Se played during the rpimary program last year and she hopes to be allowe dto provide accompaniment on accasion during sharing time within the next few months. A video is below(Cut short and with bonus feature of Johnny's head!!) We really need a new camera!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cedar Point

One of the greatest things about where we live is that we're only 30 minutes from Cedar Point. Cedar Point is commonly refered to as America's best amusement park and it's easy to see why. There are tons of roller coasters that are dizzying to look at. The downside is that there aren't as many rides for the little ones and Johnny and Hannah don't like to wait while bigger kids go on their rides. However, we always manage a full day whenever we go. A picture from our latest trip is below. As you'll see in the picture, John has recently turned into a statuesque beagle.

This picture was done with a cell phone and in the rain, so don't mind the lack of resolution.

"Wildlife Photography", or "Why John is going gray at such a young age."

Sorry for the grainy picture. Our camera broke and we are down to our cell phone until we replace it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hi Elder y Hermana Neeley (And anyone else who hasn't given up on us ever blogging again :) ), Pictures of us are below, in no particular order. Thanks for writing back; we miss you guys.
The Scherers
Matthew is going into first grade in the fall. He recently completed his T-ball season at the YMCA and has learned to ride a two weeler without training wheels. Matthew is interested in most sports and has enjoyed camping alot this year. He'll be seven this Winter and is already excited about baptism the year after.

John has dropped seventy pounds since last October. Besides that, not much has changed with him.

Kerri has been enjoying the summer with the kids, going to the beech , pool,etc. She is thinking about trying to find a pre-school teaching job in the fall. One where she can maybe take Johnny and Hannah with her. Also, we're working on painting the kitchen. We are traveling home to see family in August.
Sarah is getting ready to start the sixth grade and is scaring us with how mature she's getting. She just got her braces in this week. She is still working hard on the violin and is getting quite good. She's now working on learning songs from the Children's Songbook for primary. She loves music and is also going to take Clarinet for the band in the Fall.

As you can see above, Johnny is still our comedian. He will start preschool in the fall and he's very excited about that fact. He and Jackson are in sunbeams with Sister W. right now; quite a duo those two are. Johnny recently volunteered to go to Outer Darkness during a sharing time activity- that's my boy! He still remebers his nursery days with Sister Neeley well. He turns four on September 5.
Hannah is growing bigger every day. She now has a motor mouth and a love of changing clothes. She is quite a Tom boy on the other hand, I don't know that she has a choice with her brothers. She's still breaking her glasses regularly, much to our disdain. She loves nursery with Sister Jiskra.