Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worst. Blogger. Ever

It's been a while and we have no excuses. We will post more soon, we promise. :) Anyway, here are some highlights of the past few months until then.

*The four kids are growing like weeds. Sarah started 5th grade and Matthew started Kindergarten.
*Sarah played the violin during a special musical number at church and did great!!! She is preparing at school for middle school orchestra which will begin next year.
*Johnny still is not potty trained. He only goes when he wants a piece of candy. (So much for positive reinforcement). No clue on how long he will wear diapers solely to torment his parents.
*Hannah has broken so many pairs of glasses that our optometrist is working on building a monument in her honor. She has mastered her favorite phrases, "Help Me!" "Matthew!!" and "Up Please". Otherwise whe enjoys breathing and barking like a dog most of the time.
*Matthew's fall soccer league (AKA the Bad News Penguins).
*We made our first ever Thanksgiving dinner with guests who ate and everything!! There were no fires or instances of food poisoning. Yay!!!
*John has lost 25 pounds in spite of said Thanksgiving dinner.
*We bought our house and are really excited for our planned projects in the Spring.
*We'll be in Pennsylvania from Dec. 21 until January something if anyone wants to get together. That is, if any of our friends still live there.