Wednesday, August 8, 2007


We were blessed to be able to spend a few days in Palmyra NY last month and to attend the Hill Cummorah pageant. This was an incredible experience, I think it effected us all. We visited the Smith Farm, Sacred Grove, the printing press where the Book of Mormon was first printed, the Hill Cummorah and later we went to the Aaronic Priesthood restoration site in PA. Visiting these places has a way of reminding one of the value of the things he holds sacred, which I needed. Sarah was so escited to find out that she could be in the pageant some year. She is currently begging us to do this next year, but I think we'll have to wait until Hannah is older to volunteer our services. Being in the pageant involves 2.5 weeks of camping and a pretty rigorous schedule which doesn't lend itself well to small children. Hopefully someday we'll be able to do this for Sarah. Matthew says he'll do it if he gets to have a sword, that and he thinks I'd be good as King Noah. Wisenheimer he is! :)

Smith Farmhouse

Square Footage? We don't need no stinking sqare footage.

In the Sacred Grove, Matthew undertook to decide for himself where exactly the first vision occured. I tried to explain to him how forests change constantly, but he found a place and insisted upon it's validity.

Pizza@ Palmyra: The locals were unbelievably friendly and helpful, we were very impressed by them and their pizza.

At the Hill

Visitor's Center

Nautical Nonsense....