Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Alive

It's official, we are now the blogging version of that guy who has his Christmas lights still up in April. Contrary to what you might think, we are doing quite well. Being busy and lazy is not a goodcombo.

Some highlights:

  • I am still employed! This is a big deal, because my company has had to lay off a few hundred of my colleagues. Things are starting to look up and we should be out of danger. This dow turn has really made us realize the blessings we have been given and the fragility of earthly comforts. I think we now trust in our Savior more than ever and we're more prepared for whatever challenges may come our way.
  • We recently (February), went to the Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Summer sports are starting up and Sarah has her band and orchestra concerts coming up.
  • Kerri and I took a nice trip to a Bed and Breakfast for our 12th anniversary in March.
  • Sarah is preparing to graduate primary and Matthew is preparing for baptism.
    • Johnny and Hannah will start preschool next year.
  • Hannah is about 80% potty trained and Kerri and I have made a vow to purchase no more diapers regardless of how many 'accidents' occur.
  • We are planning a Summer road trip to Nauvoo, Il; Chicago and Palmyra, NY.
  • We finally replaced our camera.
    • Kerri is still working with the Young Women and trying to motivate them while maintaining her sanity.

    • We still love our branch family and hope to be able to stay here for many more years.
    • Some Pictures, to prove that we are indeed still alive:

    The kids at Great Wolf Lodge in February

    Hannah's Birthday (February 22)

    Recent trip with friends to the Toledo Zoo

    Pictures from Easter

    Ice Cream Animals

    Fremont storybook festival. Sarah made the Curious George display with help. This was a girl scout project.

    Sorry for our laziness in posting.


    The Scherers


    Melinda said...

    I love this blog thing! Even if you only update every so often! I love to hear how you guys are doing and see how big the kids are! Miss you guys!

    Ryan said...

    Hey, the Scherer family has doubled since I last talked to you guys! This is Ryan Dymock, if you remember me from my mission days... my family's blog is for a long-winded update. Hope everything is going well!